Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Over 1 million psychic readings by phone in 2011

Professional women, college educated, between the ages of 25 and 55 who have questions about love, romance and relationships. As a matter of fact, some psychic networks say that up to 75% of their repeat clients and callers are women....with men tending to be FAR less likely to seek psychic advice. (even if they are big believers, they are NOT as likely to admit it, or acknowledge it with a call)

According to some published industry statistics, there were over 1 million psychic readings by phone in 2011. (that's quite a bit more than most of us would expect)

Did you know that some of the worlds biggest celebrities are big fans of psychic readings, mediums and clairvoyant abilities of all types and stripes?

It's true! Princess Diana was well known to consult her psychic on all important matters (including having her death predicted) Hillary Clinton, while first lady, was well known to have a celebrity medium come to the White House to channel the spirit of PREVIOUS first ladies! (including, Eleanor Roosevelt on many occasions)

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was well known to regularly have psychic mediums and seances in the White House as well?

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Real Psychic medium Experience is life changing

Many times in these exercises, she will say a few sentences and then tell me the person's name! At that point we don't take anything else she says as solid, since she already knows who it is. She will at times reveal pages of information about the spirit, and occasionally some controversial things as well. Most of the time the soul being contacted views their most important contributions differently than what the history books say.

Many people say that a real psychic medium experience is life changing and I have to agree. I am lucky enough to be with my best friend, the love of my life and I get to be reminded every day by what my wife does, that there is something other than this existence.

So after many, many experiences with a psychic medium on a daily basis, I find that the only logical conclusion is that there are people with true psychic medium abilities! As Sir Arthur Conan Doyle put it in Sherlock Holmes, "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Why Are There Different Levels Of Mediumship

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Psychic development is a gradual process. Different levels of medium-ship come about as and when people develop their powers of connection with spirit. A great of this also depends on where the mediums interests lay. If you are doing medium-ship on a continual basis often you will find something that peaks your interest and you will explore this aspect of it for several months.

To put it in a nutshell, everyone has to start somewhere. There is not much point in comparing someone who has been practicing psychic medium-ship for 40 years to someone who started on their psychic journey a year ago. Medium-ship requires time and personal development. As one practices medium-ship you will learn indications that spirit sends you to enable you to pass on the messages. I believe it is a rare medium that has all the powers from the start. Powers of medium-ship tend to grow with your continual use of the powers given to you. Every time you do a medium-ship reading you will find the items that spirit gives to you expand. They show you things to make you associate values to them. It is seldom that people are totally Clairaudient as well as all of the rest. It can be difficult for those that are clairaudient to understand that others are not able to hear directly as they can. There are so many ways spirit can pass the messages on that for someone just starting out on their journey it can be difficult to grasp it all.

Why are there so many different ways of receiving a message? At a guess, I would say, that spirit finds the way of least resistance. They probably try the way that the person is most likely to take note of. This is one of the reasons there are so many levels of medium-ship. Once spirit has finally made contact with the human mind, it is finally time to develop the psychic medium-ship abilities in that person. If they then reach out for help to one of the spiritualist churches they will be lead down the formal tuition of that church and develop that way. For those that it comes to without formal training it will be totally spirit led. Spirit will take you down the path of learning as and when they feel you are ready for the next step. This can be at the speed of light when you have a thirst for the knowledge or it can be at a slow methodical psychic plod. Which ever way you learn, you will learn from the knowledge that is buried deep inside of you.

Simply put, there are different layers of psychic medium-ship abilities and it is like peeling an onion. Once you have peeled off one layer the next will appear. You will need to peel down to the core to have it all but it is most certainly achievable.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What Is A Text Psychic Readings

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For me, I know that, although I sometimes do text psychic readings, I find the exchange of energy gives me a better connection. When you are doing intuitive readings in any form your connection to the subject is important.

Getting a text psychic reading often involves asking a number of questions. Usually two or three questions, as this enables the psychic reading you, to connect to the direction you require answers for. Usually a text reading will come to you in the form of two or three pages of typing which pinpoint the area that you are querying. When you are applying for a reading from a psychic be prepared before you apply for the reading you are looking for. Make sure of the person who is going to supply the reading. Always check their history and make sure they have a good track record. The fact of the matter is that no matter how good a psychic is, no one is ever 100% accurate. This is one of the reasons why it is required to advise people that readings are for entertainment purposes only. Too often people become addicted to readings and as a result they are incapable of living their daily lives without advice from a psychic. This is extremely dangerous. If you require a reading to tell you how to live your life step by step, you are not living your life, someone else is. Anyone receiving a psychic reading needs to let that reading unfold, grow and actually happen, before asking for another one. Of course, one can always change what is forecast and change it, especially when it comes to relationships.

If you know what might happen you can avoid that happening and take a different course or path in life. To get a reading the first thing you need to do is find the right psychic for you. Do your research and once you have decided, if possible listen or read several of the readings that have been done by this reader. Now is the time to do your personal homework. What are your requirements? Do you want a reading on a relationship? Do you want to learn about your chance of promotion? Whatever you want to hear, about make sure you have all your facts in place before putting pen to paper. Word your question extremely carefully. You do not want to lead the reader in any way but you also want to get the results to the question you want answered. You can’t ask something too wide like “do you see me moving”? Most people move on a daily basis even if it’s from the house to work. But at the same time you don’t want to lead the reader. Consider doing it in this way. Do you see me moving from my home to another home?

When you pose your question in this manner to a psychic they know you are wanting about moving homes as apposed to general movement so they pinpoint the area of movement and they look around you to see if they see packing boxes that are going into a vehicle to transport them to another home. When they look they will look at what kind of transport is being used. Is it a long haul or is it a local move within the town. They will look at the direction of the move and try to ascertain the name of the place you are moving to. This is a good kind of way to get the information you require.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

How Psychics Perform Remote Viewing

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Through the act of remote viewing, a psychic reader can easily perceive a targeted person, event or object that is situated at a distance far away from their point of view. Psychics are able to predict the past or the future across a state, around the world and anything under the sun through the remote viewer. Remote viewing applies special techniques which are best adopted by people with special talents and can also be learned by anyone with special interests.  Remote viewing has a lot to do with extrasensory perception (ESP) and person should not necessarily be a psychic to learn or manoeuvre the practice. Enthusiasts with excellent mental powers to be able to transcend space and time and change the unconscious into conscious, can become incredibly smart remote viewers. To succeed in remote viewing, there are a few must-have components that are necessary: -

1) The remote viewer – The viewer controls the entire process in order to come up with the best and most accurate results. He is not expected to project through astral influences to accomplish the target. Some remote viewers however have reported cases of bilocating to the place of target. During the process, the viewer must be fully alert with a sober mind.

2) Active extrasensory perceptions (ESP’s) – Remote viewing can not succeed if there are no active ESP abilities.

3) Remote viewer’s perceptions – The remote viewing expert should take a good record of all perceptions during the viewing session. In most cases, viewing lasts about an hour only.

4) Distant target – The viewer works to attain a target at a far distance. A target defines the task the viewer should accomplish. Some targets are more complicated to reach than others.

5) Feedback – A feedback that is positive and worth the study forms part of a successful remote viewing session.

It has been reported that no one exactly understands how remote viewing works but it does. One of the oldest theories states that a trained viewer has the ability to tap into the ‘universal storehouse’ containing details about everything, where space and time are far much irrelevant. The viewer is able to tune into specific targets although in a super-conscious state within the consciousness of the universe where all things are set apart.

As written by I. Swann, remote viewing is perceived as a virtual form of real travelling that is made to come down to a conscious control. Up to date, many sceptics have never believed remote viewing works; some other proponents claim that it works to a hundredth percentage. The real fact is that it works, but not all the time and not for all viewers. Depending on the degree of expertise, different remote viewers may record varied success percentages. Highly skilled viewers can hit a 100% target nearly all the time.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Differences between physic readings and remote viewing

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Psychics are people who have the ability of remote viewing. This is the perception of things that will happen in future. They able to do this through naturally born powers that allow them to see events that will happen in future or those that happened longtime ago. Their senses can allow them to go beyond any physical barriers like walls and other barriers. They can tell what is in an opaque sealed container without prior knowledge.

Remote viewing therefore tightly connects to psychic abilities and they are at times the two interchange in use. The concept is the same except for the fact that viewers deal with more ‘practical’ things and concepts rather than communicate with ghosts of the dead like psychics.

Main differences between psychic readings and remote viewing

Unlike psychic seeing, remote viewing first developed under controlled lab conditions. It therefore has some scientific backing and not just beliefs in the unseen. Unlike its closest relative called clairvoyance, it targets at objectives that are more useful and for the acquisition of useful information. Clairvoyance mainly targeted at trivial matters like the prediction of the color of a card picked at random.

Unlike psychic viewing, it involves the perception of other stimuli like taste smell and sound of the items that are perceived. Seers only see the physical impression and appearance of their targets they are unable to establish the other characteristics like remote viewing can.

Remote viewing involves more than just the vocalization of what a person is able to see. They are also able to document and provide vivid details. They may be able draw or sketch what they see and put it in records. This makes the results of their viewing sessions more useful to those who are in need of them.

The discipline of remote viewing has more strict rules and procedures as compared to other psychic disciplines. They follow Specific scripted formats for various viewing sessions. The formats should proof the viewer from noise and other mental distracters such that their views are uninterrupted.

Remote viewing is done within the confines of a proper science protocol, which governs how it is done. The viewer is kept in suspense about the subject of their viewing thus there is no way that they can tell about the subject of their exercise other than through genuine remote vision.

The discipline does not engage in fortune telling, psychic readings or read auras. It used for serious scientific research and other educational goals. One other use is the acquisition of government and national security information for prevention of crimes and calamities

However, though the power is naturally in-born, it requires development through scientific means to make it more accurate.


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How To Get An Accurate Psychic Reading

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In order to get an accurate psychic reading, it is first of all important to find a reliable, good psychic you will be able to connect to. A friend or family member may be able to recommend someone they have previously consulted, or alternatively, you could have a look on the Internet.
There are many good companies offering their services, and it is easy enough to separate them from the less genuine ones by checking customer testimonials and reviews. There are also independent sites reviewing many of these companies (a useful way of checking if user testimonies may have been faked). Often genuine sites will include a free phone number, which enables potential customers to get information about available services and individuals providing them before having to commit themselves.

Another sign of a reliable service is a so called non - connection policy. Although rare, sometimes it's possible for an individual to find it difficult to form a connection, a vital necessity for the provision of accurate readings, with a psychic, or vice versa. In such a case, this policy allows the user to choose another individual without having to pay more. It is also advisable to choose a person using a method you can relate to. If you find the use of Tarot cards, for instance, difficult to believe or understand, but have no problem with astrology, then you should choose a reader using this method.

The outcome of the reading will also be influenced by your own state of mind and input. Attempting to get a reading for the wrong reasons (such as trying to test the individual); negativity, such as anger or overzealous scepticism, as well as fear may block the flow energies between yourself and the reader and thus make it impossible for the session to be successful. It is therefore important to be relaxed, open and truthful with him or her, as this will allow a free flow of energy in both directions.

Many also find making a list of their questions in order of priority quite useful. This allows a clearer conveyance of questions to the reader, thus making it easier for them to provide answers. Sometimes things need to be clarified and any questions posed by the reader need to be answered as fully and honestly as possible. Only when a situation is fully understood can a correct solution or possible outcome be determined.

As not all answers will make sense or seem relevant at first glance, taking notes during a session will enable you to reflect on them as you go over and perhaps verify parts of them later. As a rule, even those apparently unrelated or nonsensical answers will become clear and relevant once others have been verified or different aspects of a situation have been discovered. Whatever the outcome, an open minded approach and remembering that nothing is set in cast iron is important. Even a negative development may be turned around by reflecting on and using the given information.

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