Monday, January 9, 2012

Unleashing the power of the self

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Channeling is one of the oldest methods known to man to help in the awareness of the self. Ancient philosophies have been all about man channeling his spirit to reach a plane of existence that is in coherence with nature at its most beautiful and bountiful. Achieving that state is what spiritual success has been about always. Modernity and complexity of life have altered man’s perception of what harmony is and what is expected of him. Over the past centuries he has become so focused on progress for progress’ sake that the primary purpose of his existence has become something that only a few people are worried about.

The most known advantage of being able to channel the power of our self to grow spiritually is that we learn to appreciate all the beautiful things that surround us and also become highly perceptive and intuitive to the happenings around us. The first beneficiary of channeling is always the person who is able to focus and this is what all people who have experienced channeling will tell. For most people channeling is the highest form of intuition and if in the process of channeling one is able to connect to a guide who facilitates contact with beings that belong on a different astral plane then the person becomes not only aware of his/her innermost soul but can confidently let it guide them to a higher plane of existence.

If there is one thing common amongst people who have achieved a level of awareness that most of us only dream about, it has to be their ability to channel their spirit in the most advantageous way possible to benefit not only their daily physical life but their spiritual life. By channeling the innermost spirit, the first thing that we do is to find our place in the context of the universe and accept it for what it is. Becoming better human beings who are empathetic to the needs of other people is the greatest added advantage that can be got from channeling. The process of channeling is one that can be learnt by anyone who wishes to achieve a level of harmony with the Great Spirit of nature.

It begins with concentration and meditation, where the channeler learns to let go of all extraneous thoughts and focus solely on the opening of the mind to a higher awareness. Once the mind is cleared and the focus in on the breathing then the channeler moves to the next step – entering a place which is a sanctuary. In this sanctuary only those elements and thoughts that are allowed by the channeler can enter, giving total control of the mind to the channeler. Achieving this state is the success of channeling and once here, the person becomes one who is not only uber aware but also greatly sensitive and in harmony with the larger perspective of life.