Thursday, December 16, 2010

Free Phone Psychic Reading

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Have you ever wanted a free phone psychic reading? Well there are a few psychic websites that offer these free readings, but you must remember that you are not going to get a full free reading unless you pay for it. What they usually mean by a free phone psychic reading is that you will get some of the reading for free, but will have to either pay for the rest of your reading or cut off after the 5 or 10 minute free reading.

You won’t be able to have a full reading if you cut off early, so there will be questions that you won’t be able to ask, so they are hoping that you will stay on for the extra 15 minutes or so and pay for these. They offer the free readings to get you onboard and to give you a taster of what they offer. It will more than likely get you hooked to stay on for a longer time, and as long as you are fine with this, then that is okay.

A free phone psychic reading consists of you phoning one of the websites that are offering this type of reading and then picking the psychic and then getting your free minutes. It is a good thing because you can then see if you like the reading and see if you connect with the reader. They won’t be able to tell you much in a few minutes but you will get an idea of what the reading entails.

A lot of psychic websites offer these free trial readings so make sure you pick one that you like the look of. It is very handy to just pick up your phone and get a reading from the comfort of your own home and not have to go outside to visit a psychic in their home. It is much easier to get all your answers from a psychic on the phone as they don’t have to know anything about you.

You can rest assured that you will get a good reading over the phone as it doesn’t matter if your reading is face to face on or not. The results will be the same. When you have your psychic reading then you can expect to be told what is happening around you at present and also what is going to happen in the future. Make a list of the questions that you want to ask but don’t ask too many as it takes up too much time in the reading to ask more than about 3 or 4 questions at the most.

The reading has to flow and if you keep interrupting the psychic with lots of questions then it tends to stop the flow and makes it harder for the psychic to tell you everything that you need to know. So when you go for one of the free psychic readings then remember that you will more than likely have to pay for some of the reading otherwise you will be cut off after your initial free minutes.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Psychic Medium

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Some people don’t know the difference between a psychic and a psychic medium. Well psychic mediums have the ability to communicate with spirit and people who has passed over. Psychics don’t usually have this type of contact and they connect to you through their clairvoyance power. Those are the difference between the two.

It depends on what you are looking for, as if you want to have a reading done by a psychic medium then more than likely you will want to communicate with someone that has passed over to see if there are any messages for you. However if you want to know your future then a normal psychic may be the best one to help you.

Psychic mediums are people that can communicate with your loved ones and then they can pass on the messages that are there for you. They want to help you with any grieving that you may still be having and to prove that there is life after death and that you can still have contact with loved ones.

All you have to do is to find a psychic medium and then ask for a reading. You will firstly introduce yourself and the medium may ask you a couple of questions such as what is your name and who do you want them to try to connect to. They cannot guarantee that your loved one will come through but they will try and make contact if at all possible.

Sometimes you have to go back to the psychic medium a couple of times before something clicks and then you get to talk to the person you want to. It all depends on the day and how things go at the reading. After you have asked your questions then the medium will go quiet while he or she tries to connect to the person that is wanting to come through.

Sometimes the psychic will go into a trance like state which allows a spirit to speak to them, but not every medium does this. At first it may seem strange but after a while you will get used to receiving messages from lost friends and loved ones. A good medium will tell you any messages that are passed on from loved ones that could help and guide you in your life.

Sometimes the messages that come through may not make any sense to the medium who is doing your reading but you may understand what the deceased relative or friend is talking about because it is personal to you. It is a good feeling when you do connect to someone that has passed over as this makes you feel that they are not lost and are still around you, which of course they are.

So if you are looking for a reading with a psychic medium then be aware that they will probably be giving you a reading with messages from a deceased relative or friend. It is not the same as a normal psychic reading which is usually telling your future.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How To Tell If You Are Psychic

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Do you wish that you had psychic abilities? Lots of people do without even knowing it. Take a look below and see if any of the things apply to you.Here are a few tests to see how well you do with psychic ability:

1/ First of all find a long candle which is unscented and put it in a candle holder and then put in on your table. Then stare at it strongly for around 20 minutes, I know this is a long time but bear with me. If the wick lights up at any point in that amount of time all by itself then you have strong psychic abilities.2/ Animals are known for being able to sense if someone is psychic, especially cats, so if you are near to a cat and they start to lick themselves or walk away from you then there is something around you that is psychic as cats are tend to walk away from psychic people. 3/ Now we will go onto your sixth sense as psychics can see people who has passed on and at first it can be a bit frightening but if you can see lost souls on the earth plane then you are more than likely psychic.

4/ Being a psychic carries with it a lot of responsibility and if you feel that you are psychic then try to join a circle at your local Spiritulist church who can help with developing your powers.

5/ Do you have lucid dreams? This is where you actually know that you are dreaming in your dreams. You can then make yourself turn your dream into any ending you want.

6/ Do you have a lot of coincidences happening around you and tend to find that you are nearly always in the right place at the right time? Do you feel déjà vu a lot?

So there you have it, if any of the above apply to you then you have probably got some form of psychic ability. You may not want to take it further, but if you do then you will find this very interesting. You have probably known for a while that you get feelings about things or people.
There is no need to be alarmed if you feel that you do have psychic abilities, as you can help people with their problems and people will tend to keep coming to you for advice. It may take a bit of developing so it won’t happen overnight but you may just find that this is something that you are drawn to.

If you feel that you psychic then you will be drawn to the psychic world more and more as time goes by and will offer your advice to people and will uncannily know when things are going to happen. It is a gift and should be used wisely and only for the good, so always use your gift in a positive way.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to Find the Right Psychic

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When you are thinking about going to a psychic then there are a few things that you may want to consider so you choose the right psychic for your needs.

First of all you have to decide what type of reading that you are wanting to have. You can go for Clairaudience which is when a psychic hears things and reports them back to you. Clairvoyance is the psychic seeing things and passing the information to you and Clairsentience is an inner certainty of just knowing things and telling you what you are supposed to hear.

Remember that the reading isn’t a cure all for all of your problems and that this is just a tool to help you to get through your problems or when you are having a difficult time. You should ask yourself a couple of questions before you choose your psychic such as, why are you wanting to know this answer and what do you expect to gain from the experience? Then you should make sure that you use a psychic that is appropriate for your needs.

Always go with your gut instinct when you choose a psychic as this will usually be the right one for you. There are many different types of psychics out there and only a couple may be right for your needs. Just look at some psychic websites or go by recommendation and see how you feel. Take your time to find the right psychic and you will probably want to go back time and time again to have a reading whenever you feel the need.

It is all about building up the trust between you both and to feel comfortable and relaxed with your psychic. You should view them as a friend and someone who wants to help you in the nicest way. When you find the right psychic you will know, as things will just click into place and you will put all your confidence in them. They will tell you things that you have never told anyone and will surprise you with the answers to your questions.

There is no need to be worried about going to a psychic as they only have your best needs at heart and want to help you and make you feel confident so that you can cope with your problems. They will rely any messages to you that are important to you and from then onwards you will be able to deal with things and feel much more confident.

When you find the right psychic you will be very happy to know that you have someone by your side who can help you whenever you have a problem or just need to talk. A friendly ear on the end of the phone or someone that you can have a face to face conversation with will really help you come to terms with the pressures of life. It should be an enlightening and positive experience for you.