Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Over 1 million psychic readings by phone in 2011

Professional women, college educated, between the ages of 25 and 55 who have questions about love, romance and relationships. As a matter of fact, some psychic networks say that up to 75% of their repeat clients and callers are women....with men tending to be FAR less likely to seek psychic advice. (even if they are big believers, they are NOT as likely to admit it, or acknowledge it with a call)

According to some published industry statistics, there were over 1 million psychic readings by phone in 2011. (that's quite a bit more than most of us would expect)

Did you know that some of the worlds biggest celebrities are big fans of psychic readings, mediums and clairvoyant abilities of all types and stripes?

It's true! Princess Diana was well known to consult her psychic on all important matters (including having her death predicted) Hillary Clinton, while first lady, was well known to have a celebrity medium come to the White House to channel the spirit of PREVIOUS first ladies! (including, Eleanor Roosevelt on many occasions)

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was well known to regularly have psychic mediums and seances in the White House as well?

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