Monday, December 13, 2010

Psychic Medium

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Some people don’t know the difference between a psychic and a psychic medium. Well psychic mediums have the ability to communicate with spirit and people who has passed over. Psychics don’t usually have this type of contact and they connect to you through their clairvoyance power. Those are the difference between the two.

It depends on what you are looking for, as if you want to have a reading done by a psychic medium then more than likely you will want to communicate with someone that has passed over to see if there are any messages for you. However if you want to know your future then a normal psychic may be the best one to help you.

Psychic mediums are people that can communicate with your loved ones and then they can pass on the messages that are there for you. They want to help you with any grieving that you may still be having and to prove that there is life after death and that you can still have contact with loved ones.

All you have to do is to find a psychic medium and then ask for a reading. You will firstly introduce yourself and the medium may ask you a couple of questions such as what is your name and who do you want them to try to connect to. They cannot guarantee that your loved one will come through but they will try and make contact if at all possible.

Sometimes you have to go back to the psychic medium a couple of times before something clicks and then you get to talk to the person you want to. It all depends on the day and how things go at the reading. After you have asked your questions then the medium will go quiet while he or she tries to connect to the person that is wanting to come through.

Sometimes the psychic will go into a trance like state which allows a spirit to speak to them, but not every medium does this. At first it may seem strange but after a while you will get used to receiving messages from lost friends and loved ones. A good medium will tell you any messages that are passed on from loved ones that could help and guide you in your life.

Sometimes the messages that come through may not make any sense to the medium who is doing your reading but you may understand what the deceased relative or friend is talking about because it is personal to you. It is a good feeling when you do connect to someone that has passed over as this makes you feel that they are not lost and are still around you, which of course they are.

So if you are looking for a reading with a psychic medium then be aware that they will probably be giving you a reading with messages from a deceased relative or friend. It is not the same as a normal psychic reading which is usually telling your future.

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