Monday, July 9, 2012

How Psychics Perform Remote Viewing

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Through the act of remote viewing, a psychic reader can easily perceive a targeted person, event or object that is situated at a distance far away from their point of view. Psychics are able to predict the past or the future across a state, around the world and anything under the sun through the remote viewer. Remote viewing applies special techniques which are best adopted by people with special talents and can also be learned by anyone with special interests.  Remote viewing has a lot to do with extrasensory perception (ESP) and person should not necessarily be a psychic to learn or manoeuvre the practice. Enthusiasts with excellent mental powers to be able to transcend space and time and change the unconscious into conscious, can become incredibly smart remote viewers. To succeed in remote viewing, there are a few must-have components that are necessary: -

1) The remote viewer – The viewer controls the entire process in order to come up with the best and most accurate results. He is not expected to project through astral influences to accomplish the target. Some remote viewers however have reported cases of bilocating to the place of target. During the process, the viewer must be fully alert with a sober mind.

2) Active extrasensory perceptions (ESP’s) – Remote viewing can not succeed if there are no active ESP abilities.

3) Remote viewer’s perceptions – The remote viewing expert should take a good record of all perceptions during the viewing session. In most cases, viewing lasts about an hour only.

4) Distant target – The viewer works to attain a target at a far distance. A target defines the task the viewer should accomplish. Some targets are more complicated to reach than others.

5) Feedback – A feedback that is positive and worth the study forms part of a successful remote viewing session.

It has been reported that no one exactly understands how remote viewing works but it does. One of the oldest theories states that a trained viewer has the ability to tap into the ‘universal storehouse’ containing details about everything, where space and time are far much irrelevant. The viewer is able to tune into specific targets although in a super-conscious state within the consciousness of the universe where all things are set apart.

As written by I. Swann, remote viewing is perceived as a virtual form of real travelling that is made to come down to a conscious control. Up to date, many sceptics have never believed remote viewing works; some other proponents claim that it works to a hundredth percentage. The real fact is that it works, but not all the time and not for all viewers. Depending on the degree of expertise, different remote viewers may record varied success percentages. Highly skilled viewers can hit a 100% target nearly all the time.

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